Don’t let writers’ block derail your social media strategy. If you’re making multiple posts a day, it can be difficult to craft an impressive message, as you won’t have much planning time.


Here are the top tips for writing the best social media copy:

  • Make grammar a priority: Poor grammar can reflect negatively on your business. This can diminish credibility and the loyalty your followers have to the brand.

  • Be compelling: One of the best ways to stand out? Tell them what’s in it for them. Describe an amazing benefit your followers will receive, pose an interesting question that mentions additional benefits, or display an exciting statistic. This way the user understands the relationship and wants to come back.

  • Invoke curiosity: If you’re linking to another piece of content, you don’t need to tell the whole story in your copy. Leave some details unanswered, while implying your link will answer their questions. However, it’s important to not use clickbait. Don’t make wild claims that you can’t back up in the click-through content.

  • Think audience first: Try switching it up with industry-relevant content and posts about the community. We recommend following a 30/30/30 rule. You should aim to publish around 30% industry posts, 30% business posts, and 30% community posts.

Good copy matters because every post you make reflects on your brand! Use Social Marketing App to optimize your digital presence. 

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