StoryTap Video Reviews

Video reviews are social proof and will drive conversion rates for your business by up to 80%. 

Customer Generated

Real, authentic, and believable video reviews. Customers record using their phone, tablet, or desktop, you direct the review.  Customers want fast, REAL product and service info by REAL people who look and sound like “them”.

Website & YouTube Integration

Easily showcase your star rated video reviews, automatically on your website, even by-product to product. Set it up once, and forget about it. You control what you want to show ie just 4 & 5 stars rated videos, or a random selection. Customize this all you want. 

Easy, Fast & Automated and You Own The Rights

Video campaign setup times takes 5 minutes. Customize the type of story, where they record, and more, then sit back and watch the magic happen. You own the video rights to the videos produced and can measure the performance of each video. 

Why do I need StoryTap?

Collecting video from customers is hard, really hard (without StoryTap). And collecting great, authentic, marketing-ready video reviews is even harder. Customer doesn’t know what to say and on video, everyone wants to look and sound smart. We often see these three things happen: Customers don’t record even though they say they will, they ramble on and on, or they will read from a piece of paper. And since video files are very large, it’s difficult to send or receive them. Plus, customers need to sign a video release. StoryTap solves all of those pain points and removes these barriers.

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Drive Sales & Brand Trust With StoryTap

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