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The Green Stick platform empowers agencies with the tools and resources they need to become a cloud-based, full-stack provider of digital marketing services for businesses. 

Free tools to facilitate remote work.

Transitioning your team to work remotely is a massive change. Green Stick’s team collaboration software platform enables your company to help local businesses in need, all from home without skipping a beat.


Stay on top of internal communication between sales, marketing, and fulfillment. See all of your team’s interactions in Green Stick’s CRM, and give virtual “kudos” to top performers.


Make meaningful, seamless connections with local businesses. Automatically assess a local business’s digital needs and connect with them via screen share or email.

Community Management Collaborate

Collaborate with local businesses on building their online presence. Project management tools make helping local businesses easy, and automated reporting showcases your team’s great work.

Platform Pricing

Green Stick is an end-to-end platform designed for businesses at every stage of growth. Find the plan that’s right for you.


Our platform will lower your cost of customer acquisition, and help you focus on only the interested prospects. Our marketplace will allow you to bolt on new digital revenue streams quickly, with little overhead. Our white-label digital agency will help you scale up fulfillment. 

Remote CRM with Integrated Screen Share

Transitioning from outside to inside remote sales isn’t easy; arm your team with a CRM that sets them up for success.

Our remote CRM features:

  • Built-in instant-on, zero-install screen sharing
  • Integrates with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Asterisk telephony.
  • Curated email marketing campaigns
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Remote business intelligence tool: Snapshot Report

Sales team internal communication platform

Stay connected with your team with live updates on their sales notes and tasks, allowing you to identify and praise your top performers in front of their peers.

Celebrate wins with salesperson leaderboards, ensuring everyone is aligned with organizational goals.

Our remote CRM features:

  • Leaderboards
  • “The Loop” social collaboration tool
  • Gmail integration with Chrome extension

A remote project management platform

Organize your team into a fulfillment machine. Gain performance insights at a glance while they keep your clients up to date with the status of any projects and services. With easily assignable tasks, you and your team can quickly distribute work creating a productive remote workplace. 

How to screen share through Green Stick’s Sales CRM

Software that launches instantly, giving you the ability to present to your prospects on any device.

How to nurture clients with Green Stick’s email campaigns

Provide your local business clients with helpful content using your agency’s brand.

Setting up your remote fulfillment team for success

Task automation kicks-off whenever a project is created, maximizing your efficiency.

How to keep your remote sales team motivated with The Loop

Give your top performers a virtual high-five without in-person meetings or 1:1 interactions.

How to help local businesses effectively with Snapshot Report

Arm your sales team with automated insights on how they can best help local businesses in need.

How to keep track of the progress of your remote team’s projects

Detailed graphs and summaries show you what’s overdue, in progress, and completed.

How to give your clients visibility into your team’s projects

Provide your clients with real-time reporting on the progress of the services they’ve purchased.

Let your client’s see their ROI with the Executive Report

Give your clients a single source of truth on the state of their online presence.

"Green Stick has truly been the perfect solution for my business. They have the tools, resources and team in place to support me working remote and they're always a quick call or email away if I run into any issues that I need help with. "

– Mike Nicholson, CEO at Revenue Management Corporation

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