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Social Marketing

What are the image and video requirements to publish in Social Marketing?

Social Marketing can help you post to all of your most important social media accounts. These do, however, have specific requirements in order to post.

Can we use Social Marketing to mass-post to all locations within a brand?

While the Social Marketing App supports connecting multiple locations on most networks, the number of connections is limited by the social network. It is recommended to have a Social Marketing App activated for each individual location, due to the unique content policies followed by the different social media platforms. 

How do you customize posts per channel in social marketing?

When composing a new post or editing a scheduled post, click on the “Customize by account” button in the top right of the composer. 

Do I need to link my Instagram account to a Facebook page?

To connect an Instagram account in Social Marketing, you must first connect the account to a Facebook page.

Users can connect an Instagram account to a Facebook page through either Facebook’s Page interface, or through Facebook’s Business Manager interface.

How long can my posts be?

While not all social networks are designed with strict character limits like Twitter, it’s important for posts to be a readable length.

When posting to multiple networks, the Social Marketing Composer will limit your post according to the network with the lowest limit. The character count of your post is tracked above the Content box in the composer. 

How do I make Instagram a Business or Professional Account?

If your Instagram Social Marketing posts are failing with error “user is not an Instagram business”, these steps will help you make it a Business or Professional Account. 

  • Log in to the Instagram mobile app
  • Go to your Profile
  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right-hand corner of your profile page
  • Click Settings at the bottom of the new page
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on “Switch to Professional Account”
  • Re-Launch Social Marketing for the account
  • Retry any failed posts

Why did my post fail?

A post may fail if a user’s connection to a social network has expired. This is sometimes referred to as a “broken token” error.

When the connection between a social network and Social Marketing expires, a user with the login credentials for the affected social network must reconnect their account in Social Marketing.

There are two ways to repair an expired connection:

  1. Go to Social Marketing > Settings > Connect Accounts, click ⋮ (Options) on the affected account, and click Reconnect.
  2. If a user has been removed or had their permissions changed, remove the affected user or page and reconnect the page under a different admin.

Why can't I make a Local Post on Google My Business?

Some users may encounter the following error when they attempt to make a Local Post from their Google My Business account in Social Marketing:

”This location belongs to a chain. The Local Post API is disabled for this location.”

Since Google My Business API prohibits chain locations from making Local Posts, users may encounter this error if Google’s algorithm identifies a business as part of a chain. Users who encounter this error must log in to Google My Business directly in order to make a Local Post.

Reputation Management

How accurate are listings synced with Listing Sync Pro?

Listing Sync Pro listings are submitted with the listing data you provide, however, the listing site may re-format this to match their address standards.  

As this is the case accuracy may largely depend on the quality of your data.

Why does Reputation Management show a different number of reviews than the TripAdvisor site?

Our infrastructure is only able to collect reviews written in English.  Reviews left in other languages are not currently supported in our platform.

Why aren't Facebook Reviews pulling into Reputation Management?

If the listing is found in Reputation Management but the reviews are not showing then Facebook needs to be connected in Reputation Management.

Reputation Manager –> Settings –> Connect Accounts

How Do Contacts Generate from Website Pro?

Contracts are generated from Website Pro any time you send an email from the site. Website Pro extracts all addresses in the To, From, Reply-To, Cc, and Bcc fields. These end up in the Contact List in Business Center and are shared with Customer Voice (if applicable).

In Customer Voice, the Customers table will reflect the origin of the customer. If the customer is created from Website Pro, the Customers table will show that.

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