Green Stick Marketing believes in the power of local businesses. We’re also aware of the powerful impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on these organizations. The anxiety surrounding market stability across the globe is something we’re taking very seriously.

Here’s how we’re handling this uncertainty and how we believe you can lead your business through this crisis for success on the road to recovery.

  • Green Stick Marketing Remains Fully Operational
  • We acknowledge the heightened awareness of COVID-19, and we are taking the proper precautions to ensure that there is no disruption and no difference in the level of service we provide to our customers, while also taking care of our employees. We are a technology and cloud-based company, which means we can do our jobs and fulfill our requirements from anywhere.
  • Green Stick Marketing has enabled our entire team of customer service agents, SEO and Website fulfillment specialists, and all other employees the ability to work remotely.
  • Our business hours of operation will not change, and we will continue to fulfill SEO, Digital Adverting, Social Media Marketing and Websites for our customers in all time zones we service, as we always have.

Leading Your Business Through an Economic Downturn
Over the coming weeks, Green Stick Marketing will publish a series of email campaigns with advice on how to mitigate risks during an economic downturn and how to help your business thrive through the uncertainties of COVID-19.

As we move forward, know that Green Stick Marketing and its employees are dedicated to keeping our partners, staff, and clients safe and healthy. We encourage you to refer to the CDC and the World Health Organization’s websites for more information.

At this time we also want to give appreciation to our healthcare workers, emergency response workers, and government personnel assisting in mitigating the COVID-19 risk and working tirelessly to keep us all safe.

Use this time as one of growth; maintain your business presence and prepare yourself to flourish in the future. 

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