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Bend Without Breaking Your Brand

We’re a team of strategic leaders and technical experts who are well educated and equipped to strategically understand and share your story that creates a real human connection in today’s digital world. 

We’re dedicated to simplifying business marketing and building a better way

We know digital is the present and the future vehicle of human connection. However, it’s not about technology at all. It’s about Humanity. Today people have unlimited access to information and inspiration. Because of that, the choices they make become increasingly more selective. Now marketing requires authenticity and flexibility. Businesses need to understand and articulate the human value they deliver in a way that resonates with their clients.

Our job is to help you share your unique story. We have to share this on all of the right platforms and networks. Moreover, it must be in the format that’s clear to both humans and machines. To make this level of marketing available to all, we created a coalition, borrowed dozens of ideas from how other industries work, and created our business model reliant on collaboration in our industry, rather than competition.

Our Awesome Team

Chris Beckwith-Taylor

Chris Beckwith-Taylor

Founder/Chief Strategist

Chris Beckwith-Taylor is a marketing innovator, known for progressing the multifamily industry forward with his behavior-based, data-driven approach to digital strategy. Beckwith-Taylor acts as the Owner & Chief Strategist, guiding all strategic digital and technology initiatives across Green Stick Marketing’s growing business portfolio.

Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor

Co-Founder & CEO

Chuck has an extreme passion for helping companies effectively share their mission, values, and unique culture. He analyzes client relationships and data to uncover opportunities for future growth. Chuck creates the bridge between data and business operations with a strong focus on the relationships between Green Stick Marketing’s customers and the data.

Tiffany VanDeMark

Tiffany VanDeMark

Partner & Chief Engagement Officer

Tiffany prides herself on her motivation and results-driven leadership. She is passionate about leading and building teams to accomplish strategic goals. With 20+ years’ experience in corporate, b2b and consumer environments, Tiffany still gets excited by the powerful impact of creating passionate, enthusiastic connections with customers, employees, and partners. 

Protecting Businesses Affected by COVID-19

We’re providing businesses with an expanding set of e-commerce tools to help them conduct business online and stay connected with the communities they serve.

Local Matters

At Green Stick Marketing, we support local businesses, and during challenging times like these, we’re committed to that now more than ever.

We believe in strengthening local economies by partnering with experts (like you) and equipping you with the tools you need to be successful.

Local Toolkit

Moving online is often viewed as expensive, time-consuming and virtually impossible.

We want to help these small businesses get online, book appointments, and transact digitally. We’re providing everything a small business needs to ensure that customers stick with them during these challenging times –#StickWithMe

What's Included

One industry-leading marketing platform loaded with the tools small businesses need to succeed online: Local Listings, Online Reputation Management, Social Marketing, Advertising Intelligence, and Live Chat.



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