About Us


We know Digital is the present AND the future vehicle of human connection. However, it's not about the technology at all. It's about Humanity. Today people have unlimited access to information and inspiration. Because of that, the choices they make become increasingly more selective.

Now marketing requires authenticity and flexibility, rather than just money. Businesses need to understand and articulate the human value they deliver, in a way that resonates with their clients.  Our job is to help share that story. We have to share that message on all of the right platforms, and networks. 

Moreover, it must be in the format that's clear to both humans and machines.

To make this level of marketing available to all, we created a coalition, borrowed dozens of ideas from how other industries work, and created our business model reliant on collaboration in our industry, rather than competition.

It takes a team of creative and technical experts who are well educated and equipped, working as a team to strategically understand and tell the stories that create a real human connection in the digital world.


Green Stick Marketing was founded with a broad vision, setting a new standard for how we believed marketing ought to be done. We believe that success in digital marketing is a real human connection that merely's augmented by the skillful use of technology. Because of that, we know that we have to continually pioneer new practices and techniques as communities change and technologies arise. 


Contact us today to schedule a discovery meeting and create a strategic marketing plan that optimizes brand and connects with your targeted audience.